April Goals

Saturday, April 5, 2014

Though I did complete most of my March goals, I didn't finish all of them. March was a great month for me, as I had my last Spring Break EVER (barring grad school, of course), and the weather finally started lessening its icy grip on the south. I also got to have fun with some great friends of mine. As for my goals...

  1. Finally perfect my resume and apply to two real person jobs at companies that inspire me!
  2. Following from my February goals, paint something on canvas
  3. Reach out to former professional mentors for any advice or contacts they may be able to give me
  4. Work and finish up most of my online finance class during Spring Break
  5. Learn this song on guitar (one of my favorites!)
  6. Hammer down travel plans for the weeks right after graduation with two of my close friends
  7. Following from my February goals, perfect my smoothie recipe
  8. Wake up before 9:00 am every morning for one week (this will be SO difficult!)
So I completed 5/8 goals. Not my best, not my worst. Once again, I slacked on my online finance class, but even since last week I've gotten so much of it done! I will definitely be finishing that in the next couple of weeks. I also started applying to jobs for after college, and even if I don't hear back from any of them, the practice couldn't be more helpful! I'm trying hard to focus on looking for jobs where I will be fulfilled and happy, instead of just jumping for whatever job comes along first. I also reached out to several mentors, who couldn't have been more helpful or supportive.

As for #6, I've planned out several trips with my friend Eveie, and while I am anxious about graduation, I can't wait to show her around the south! I love introducing people to the great parts of South Carolina, and since she is from the UK it'll be new to her.

Waking up before 9:00 am was really hard, not because I can't do it, but because I normally wake up before 9:00 Mondays - Fridays for school and then crash on the weekends. I'm proud to say that I woke up on a Saturday AND Sunday before 9:00 am and I'm SO proud of myself for that one!

My plans for April?
  1. FINALLY finish my online finance class!
  2. Pick out my graduation outfit (ahhh!)
  3. Apply to more jobs and become more calm about the application process
  4. Stave off pre-graduation freak outs and know that everything will work out like it should
  5. Get back on the scheduling blog posts train - I used to be so good about it!
  6. Start my last finals week ever (HALLELUJAH), study hard, and sleep well
  7. Add some more summer clothes into my wardrobe, and everything must be under budget!

Even though it seems like time is going faster than the tides, I can't wait to see what April has in store for me. Is there anything y'all are looking forward to? Any goals?

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  1. Ugh applying for jobs is the worsttttt!!! I think that I applied to literally about 1000 jobs and heard back from a tiny fraction...sending you lots and lots of good luck vibes for that!!!