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Monday, April 28, 2014

Remember how I said last week that this week would be calm and more low key? Funny how life has a way of proving how wrong you can be when you make assumptions. This week again will be crazy! The reason? In the middle of finals (which start this week) I'm flying up to NYC! I'll only be there for a day or two, but I'm so excited to head up to the big city! I've never been there before, so if anyone has any must see suggestions, please let me know. I can't wait!

Looking back, I've gotten the chance to do some really fun things this past week. I attended a spring event for an interior design store that I do some marketing and PR work for, I had dinner with my fellow interns at a great restaurant (the drink in the mason jar is a peach and cucumber margarita - yum!), and had a quick shopping trip in Charlotte for some professional clothes. PS - Ann Taylor is my new favorite store. Check out all the gorgeous blue patterns in that photo! They're definitely on the #navyornothing train.

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