Weekend recap

Monday, June 23, 2014

Remember when I said that while I was on the coast this weekend I was going to go to Wren for their amazing chicken salad and that I would see a drive-in movie? Neither of those things happened. Oops.


I still had a great time nonetheless, though, and I hope your weekend was fantastic too! Instead of going to Wren (the wait was 30 minutes, and we were starving), my mom and sister, plus my cousin's band, ended up going to Plums, a cute local restaurant right on the Beaufort Waterfront Park. I was a bit disappointed I would miss out on Wren, but Plums didn't disappoint. I ordered a Club sandwich, because I can never say no to an avocado, with sweet potato fries, and I was sold. The water was beautiful and the day couldn't have been prettier. there was even a bluegrass festival going on that day, so we even had some background music for our waterside stroll!

That afternoon we perused a few shops in downtown Beaufort, and I fell in love with a store. If I didn't have to leave this store I wouldn't have. Scout Southern Market had only been in its new store for a week, but you would never be able to tell it! The space was beautiful, with bright blue floors and a blue and white motif that had me swooning. I'm sure I gushed the owner's ear off about how much I loved the store! I took one of their business cards, and I think that did it for me: letterpress, thick cotton material, and typography to die for. I can't wait to go back!

Instead of going out Saturday afternoon and evening we just spent time at home. We jumped into the creek off the dock, finished off some margaritas, and spent time on the porch. Relaxing and perfect in every way.

Who else is ready to start the week? Woo!

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