How to pack: beauty edition

Monday, July 7, 2014

With my trip up to NYC tomorrow (#excitedoutofmymind), travel preparation has been on my mind for the past week. If the past proves anything, I'm really bad at packing for short trips and tend to way overpack. Long trips? Different story. I have that down. Get on my level.

For this trip I'm trying to be as realistic and smart as I can about the products I bring, since I tend to overindulge and pack anything I think I may need on a whim. This time I changed up how I packed by creating an Excel spreadsheet of every item I'm taking - that way I can objectively look at a list and see what items I can cut. I wrote on my friend Ginny's blog about my carry-on travel necessities, but I also seriously needed to focus on my beauty supplies. This time around I divided my beauty products into three categories: hair, everyday makeup, and general hygiene.

Hair // Not shown, but obviously shampoo and conditioner. Does that really need saying? I generally get the cheap stuff for traveling, since my hair seems to like drug store shampoos. This time I'm taking Pantene. Also, I'm only taking my hair dryer. Especially since my hair tends to blow dry relatively straight, why pack the extra tool unless I need it? I'm bringing tons of hair ties, because you can never have too many. Also, my Tangle Teezer takes up more room than normal brushes, but the thing is a life saver. I never travel without it.

Everyday makeup // My everyday makeup routine is relatively low key. I like to let my skin breathe, so instead of using a million creams and powders, I stick to Laura Mercier oil free tinted moisturizer and Sonia Kashuk cover up. They give nice coverage without caking on layers of gunk. Since my brows are pretty sparse I've used a Sonia Kashuk brow pencil while I save up for the Dior Brow Styler, and I recently switched to Maybelline mascara after being a CoverGirl fan for years. I totally get all the raves about their mascara - it's been so great already! I'd definitely recommend. My favorite liquid liner so far is the L'Oreal Infalliable Liner, and I'm already hooked on the felt tip, since it gives me so much more control than gel liners and brushes. I'm not picky when it comes to lip balm, so I change them out occasionally between this, this kind, and this.

General // I have learned a few lessons over the years from mistakes that I don't skip over on any trip. One? Always bring makeup taker offer wipes. Nothing is more miserable than going to sleep with a full face of makeup. These Burt's Bees facial towlettes smell like cucumber and leave my skin totally refreshed. Tip: I use one right after flying to help myself feel a little less "post-flight gross" as a pick me up. Another? Always, always, always bring at least two small Band-aids should your shoes cause pesky blisters. Since I can't bring my favorite sunscreen on the plane, I'm packing a travel sized bit. I like to bring a Bioré cleansing strip too since my pores go crazy when I'm traveling.

Luckily, all of this, except for a few key items (i.e. towelettes, hair dryer, my favorite deodorant), fits into my makeup bag, so I think I chose my beauty items pretty wisely.

Do you have any beauty travel must-haves or tips? I'm all ears!


  1. You're going to have such a fun time in NYC and I can't wait to hear all about it. I am a chronic overpacker, so for my trip to NYC this weekend I am going to have to take your lead! Your travel bag is so cute. I always take q-tips and a small pair of scissors if I am not flying since those are so easy to forget, but often so needed!

  2. Love your travel bag! I've been doing a lot of traveling lately and I feel like people always forget about bandaids and other first aid stuff! I love New York, I know you'll have a great time <3