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Saturday, August 16, 2014

It's been a while since I've just checked in with y'all on this little space. No lying, blogging can be so much fun, but it can feel like a chore sometimes. I'm thinking about reconsidering the way I blog. No way I'll give it up (ever - even though I've read several articles/blog posts saying the bubble has burst), but I want to feel inspired again. For the moment, I'll leave you a little glimpse into what I'm up to this morning...

feeling well-rested
liking early morning sunlight
making headway on an upcoming project
cooking a fried egg and avocado sandwich!
drinking an ice cold Fresca
reading Lipstick Queen by Poppy King
wanting for autumn to hurry and get here
looking for Vogue's September issue - must find!
playing old school throw backs
wasting the morning away
wishing that whatever plaguing my sinus will go away
enjoying the return of the weekend
waiting /wishing for fall and football
wondering where my camera is
hoping to find out answers sooner rather than later
marveling at some on point home tours online
needing a road trip to Virginia
smelling  that summer smell
wearing summer uniform: oversized t shirt and cutoffs
following the updates from Ferguson, MO
noticing the pile of dishes waiting to be washed
knowing how much my to-do list is filling up
thinking about social media
bookmarking home tours, tumblrs, pinterest pages...
opening way too many tabs
giggling at funny youtube videos...again

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