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Thursday, August 14, 2014

This week has been a bit of a bummer - having been sick for most of the time, I've spent a lot of time inside, sleeping, or online. I've read my fair share of blog posts about finally transitioning from summer to fall, though it is still fully summer in South Carolina, but already I feel like one half of my body is in summer and the other is in the fall! For instance...
Since I got this UO x Crosley record player from my parents for my birthday I've been playing the only two records I have - The 1975 and Tom Odell - along with my parents' old vinyls, but I can't wait to hit up the farmer's market this weekend to see what $1 records I can scoop up. It's so fun to listen to the tunes with the windows down and feeling the summer breeze! I've also seen this SS x BB ring pop up everywhere around the blogosphere (does anyone else cringe a bit at that word?), and with good reason. It's so cute! A dainty statement piece without being too showy - very light and summery. The last shades of light coral and pink are still in my head too. These J Crew ballet flats (on sale!) have been tempting me all summer, and this polish from OPI has been in heavy rotation.

For fall, though, I noticed this BaubleBar necklace (while I was checking out the ring) that caught my eye. It comes in purple and clear, which would be fantastic to add into rotation! These Feathered Home earrings look perfect for spring too, since I don't like losing out on pink once the leaves change! What about this print? I had scotch for the first time at a party late last year, and was surprised that I didn't hate it. I have to admit, I felt very cool. Ultimately, my favorite part about fall is layering blouses and wearing sweaters, so this mixed media sweater was like love at first sight [insert heart eyes emoji here]!

What are y'all most excited about for fall? Still not ready to leave summer behind?

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  1. I am so not ready to leave summer behind. We only had about 3 weeks of lovely sunshine and I'm not ready for darker days! I might be a little excited about pulling my boots and scarves out though. The Old Fashioned print is wonderful!