London Checklist

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

With less than two months (TWO MONTHS) left before the big take off, I've started making a checklist of things I need to do before I pack up and ship off. I'm a big list person, so this has definitely been helping me get my thoughts and plans organized.

If anyone who has traveled for long periods, or knows something I should, please fill me in!

  1. Buy plane ticket
  2. Make a spreadsheet of clothes to pack and what outfits I can make, a la this super smart lady
  3. Buy a good coat. Seriously.
  4. Call the bank and credit card company to let them know I'm going out of town
  5. Learn how to pack light (but actually, I don't think this is going to happen...)
  6. Get those bags that you pack your clothes in then suck the air out
  7. Buy these. Now.
  8. Stop looking ahead and actually pay attention in class (ha)
So obviously I'll be adding major stuff to this list...but so far I think I've gotten it covered. I still don't know where I'll be living or any of my classes, so the lazy planner (contradictory? yes. stressful? yes.) in me is freaking out just a little. Any crossing of fingers or prayers to help me get through this next month are both loved and appreciated.


  1. Sounds like a good list to me! One thing I would add would be to make sure you can get all of your prescriptions, contacts, other meds etc. And make sure you travel with passport copies and plenty of cash. good luck!

  2. I agree with Amanda's advice about medical assistance. Lucky you!! A few years ago I spent a few months in London as well,it was awesome. Bring a very very warm coat doll!!And a pretty umbrella!kisses and wishing you the best!xo Coco

  3. I second the passport copies! Store one online too, and give one to your parents/family.

    When I went on exchange to England, I totally underestimated how much cash I would need in the first few days. It took me a while to set up a bank account, and so many first-week-of-school things required cash: photo IDs, pub crawls, etc.

    If you know you'll have a long layover, pack a light carry-on! It's tempting to bring everything but the kitchen sink (and a change of clothes is super helpful, especially if everything you own is packed in a vacuum bag) but try to do without a laptop or anything really heavy. I had to wander around Heathrow for 5 hours once and my shoulder was killing me by the time I actually got on my flight.

    Good luck! You'll have an amazing time :)