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Friday, May 10, 2013

So one of the things I am #sorrybutnotsorry about is taking pictures of my food. I'm that girl. I feel bad about it and guilty and a lot a little embarrassed about it when I do it, but I take pictures of pretty much all my food if it looks really good or really pretty.

I've noticed I've upped my game a bit since I've been abroad, so I thought I'd share some of my food-scapades with y'all. Because I know you're super interested in my food. I digress.

 One of my staples since I've been in London. Fish and chips from Cottage Cafe. SO good. I'm going to miss you, old friend.

One of the first meals I had in London (after not eating for three days - my body was traumatized by the move). A meat pie and chips. Like a true Brit.

Godiva chocolate on chocolate on chocolate cake in Harrods. So good eating it, but it makes you feel so awful later. But a nice kind of awful.

Again, another staple from Cottage Cafe. Two eggs, two sausages, two pieces of bacon (British edition - it's pretty much just ham) and two pieces of toast. All for £4.40 (like $6).

The first Thai food I ever had for one of my friends' 21st birthday. This was in January, and I don't remember much about it (oops) besides the fact that I couldn't pronounce its name. But it was delicious.

Again, in Dublin in February my friends and I stopped by a Greek place two nights in a row during our three night stay. This wine was pretty darn incredible, and I'm not a red wine person.

I haven't been to Giraffe in a while, but I will definitely miss this place. I feel like you can't understand the true size of this burger. It was massive. They should have called it the "You can't eat this without a fork and massive hands" burger.

 This wasn't from a restaurant, but it was one of the four dishes I've made regularly in our flat. Pasta with sautéed mushrooms and spinach. Yummmmmmmmm.

 Again, in our flat, my friend and I decided to be fancy and made American bacon and cinnamon pancakes. They look burnt (they are a little), but mostly that's the cinnamon syrup we poured on them. This dish is not for the light hearted or those not willing to get some kind of clot in the heart.

If there's anything to know about me and my drinks, it's that I love mojitos and I love grapefruit juice. The Breakfast Club in London has a grapefruit mojito...so I'm a happy girl there.

 This was one of the funnest nights I've had in London, and my friends and I never even went out. We got some scones mix and made them at home (with the same cinnamon syrup that was on the pancakes). Maybe they're not traditional scones, but they were THE BEST, and that night was so fun. Aren't the best nights those that you stay in with your friends??

 Such an amazing salad in York with my mom and aunt. I mean...A+ for the presentation itself.

Tea, champagne, scones, and mini sandwiches at The Langham? Literally nothing better on earth. Emily = stuffed.

This mojito was only notable because it was £15. I loved it, but I mean really who can afford a basically $22 drink on a regular basis? Oprah? That's what I thought. Good, but ridiculous.

This photo is from the only fancy dinner I had in London, and that's because it was with family. My dessert was dark chocolate cake with milk chocolate (fudge thing on top?) with mango sorbet. OH MY GOD SO GOOD.

First caramel macchiato of the season. This was at the end of April. I had to share.

From my favorite gelato place in Nice called Oui Jelato. I'm obnoxious for having a favorite gelato place in Nice, but I don't care. I'd never had gelato before and I'm scared I won't again because I won't be impressed. I'm a gelato snob, I'm sorry.

And the best pizza in the whole world, pizza on the pebble beach at Nice. With the world's spiciest olive oil (peppers and chillies included still in the bottle).

I know I keep saying Nice has "the best" everything, but in this case...it's still true. Sangria is my friend.

Celebratory fajitas in Canterbury with a few friends for Cinco de Mayo!

And finally, my present to myself for doing well on my first exam. Stella Cidre and Cinnamon Toast Crunch (or what they call here, Crazy Squares).

All photos from my iPhone...because I'm not willing to take out my giant DSLR. I'm not that embarrassing.

And by the way...HAPPY FRIDAY!

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