Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Everyone has those little things that remind you of home, wherever that might have been when you were younger. I was lucky enough to grow up (for the most part) in one house my whole life. I have so many memories of my parents and my sister and me growing in my hometown, in the two minivans my mom had, and in our backyard. I remember taking our pup Eddie home for the first time and letting him sniff around the living room, and I remember my mom sleeping on the sofa next to him the first night he was here so that he wouldn't be alone. I remember painting my room three different times with my sister.

There are definitely songs that trigger those memories and feelings of nostalgia. Definitely songs that remind me of why I love home. Danny's Song by Loggins and Messina, in particular, reminds me of driving to the grocery store with my mom. Even now, when I really have no reason to go with her, my mom will wake me up on Saturday mornings to see if I want to go with her. It's a little tradition that's always stuck. It's the little things and the little memories that make home what it is. It's what, despite how hard this last week in London is, the reason I can't be too upset about returning home.

What is a song that reminds you of home? It seems like the most random songs conjure up the most random memories, right?

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