Scenes from this Weekend (plus some dancing music)

Monday, May 13, 2013

This weekend I visited the house (now museum) where Sigmund Freud lived during the last year of his life after he and his family fled to London from the Nazis in Vienna. Check out the turquoise door!

Then my friend Teresa and I got coffee. I didn't realize my name is hard to spell...or that Emily can be spelled Enimyly.

So this happened while I explored Kensington. Side note: Kensington is my favorite part of London. Fact. Such neat boutiques and stores without being super commercial *cough cough, Oxford street*

A card I was thisclose to buying while exploring Kensington. My dad wouldn't have found it funny, but I just love this type of humor. You wouldn't find this kind of humor in America.

Walking around Green Park with my friend Teresa, and it was gorgeous. How can I leave this?

Next up, this song is I Choose You by Timeflies, and it's a dance song that always makes me feel like grooving, even if I'm in get ready to dance ASAP.

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  1. That turquoise door is so great! That's definitely a new spelling for Emily! haha