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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Since signing the lease for our new place last week all I can think of is decorating, and more specifically, how I'm going to deal with a wing chair that needs a little TLC.

My mom inherited the wing chair from her grandma and says that it has been recovered about five times...and it's in need of recovering again. I'm not a fan of the fabric it currently has, so naturally my life's purpose for the past few days has been to find pretty fabrics for a recovering. Mevy has already bought this rug for our den, so I have that to go by. Here are some of my favorite fabrics:

1 / 2 / 3
4 / 5 / 6
7 / 8 / 9

Can you tell I'm into the blue patterns? I know that the rug we have now won't be permanent, so I don't want to base my decision solely on the rug now, but I don't want it to majorly clash. Any suggestions? If y'all know of any great fabric stores or websites, let me know!

Say hello to the chair that desperately needs a facelift. Little darlin has good bones, she just needs some help.

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