Jennifer Lawrence Miss Dior Fall 2013

Friday, September 6, 2013

Although I thought her Miss Dior advertisements for Spring 2013 were gorgeous, Jennifer Lawrence and Dior received a lot of flack for the dubious amounts of Photoshop used to perfect the ads (remember this?). Imagine the Fall 2013 advertisements as a reply to all that criticism and outrage.
Now we know without a doubt.

Jennifer Lawrence is very beautiful with little make up.

photos by Dan Jackson

I know I'm sure they used Photoshop and amazing lighting, but come on. Girlfriend is beautiful regardless. Can we talk about how much I want to be Jennifer Lawrence right now? Not to mention she dates a certain former Skins actor. Just saying.

Now let's compare them to the Spring 2013 Miss Dior advertisements.

photos by Willy Vanderperre

What do y'all think? Which do you like better? I think both are incredibly beautiful, but I generally tend to go for more natural and real shots anyway, so I have to go for the newer ads. Also, a good peacoat gets me every time, so that one is definitely a winner in my eyes.

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  1. There is no question about it: JLaw is a true beauty. I think both campaigns are stunning, but I think the newer images are my favorite. She just looks so real.

    xx, Brenna of Bubbly in Brooklyn