Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Most of the time when we see advertisements on television, online, or in print, we only think of the brand that they promote, which is a good thing, since that is what they are supposed to do. What a lot of people don't think of is the content agency behind the ad. The people who come up with the concept and work with the brand to create something that will stick in the consumer's mind.

Fallon is one of my favorite marketing/advertising agencies because of these two ads they did for French Connection for both their men's and women's lines. They're so fresh and playful and funny - something that you don't see a lot with higher end brands.

Fallon was also behind this gorilla ad for Cadbury Chocolate, which is one of the best known product ads of recent times because it was so attention grabbing! Don't you think it's hilarious?

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