A Day In Heels // Garance Doré

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

As a girl who loves heels, but hardly ever wears them (because let's be honest, #college), this fun video by Garance Doré that tracks various women and models at Paris Fashion Week wearing heels is so relatable. Garance even challenges herself to go sans flats for an entire day! I love the way heels look, the confidence they give me, and the added cool factor, but I don't think I could stand walking in a pair of stiletto Louboutins all day...could you? Maybe if I had a pair of chunky heels I could do it!

But maybe any shoes, besides my beloved leather flats, would feel a bit cramped after a full day. Sometimes it's definitely worth it to be a bit uncomfortable if you can pull off an outfit with a pair of killer heels, right?


  1. love this vid and your other shoe options!!

  2. I used to hateee walking in heels but trust me you get used to it! cute blog :)

    x Kelsey - tortoiseinthesun.com