Waterlogue (thanks Carly!)

Thursday, February 20, 2014

I wasn't planning on writing  post today, given that I've had minimal sleep over the past few nights. Now that my exams were over (FINALLY!) I had the chance last night to get a good night's sleep and take it easy. That is, until I found myself downloading the Waterlogue app at midnight last night after seeing this post on Carly's blog. Holy cow, y'all. Waterlogue is addicting!

Waterlogue takes any image you upload and turns it into watercolor! You can customize it for brightness, lightness/darkness, etc. and I can't get enough of it. I planed on getting enough sleep last night to catch me up from this week, but I ended up staying up another two hours just playing with the app. There were so many photos I took from my travels in London and around the UK and Europe last year that I wish someone would paint, so the idea that I can make them watercolor art with a tap? Done!

The top two photos here were taken in Nice and Regent's Park, respectively.

I've been missing the UK a lot more recently with the icy weather in the South (surprise?), and these beautiful photos aren't helping. The ones above were taken in and these below were taken in London (Old Street, to be specific), Howth, Ireland, Spitalfields Market, The Langham, and Bath!

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