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Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Though it can get annoying at times, I'm a details person through and through. When redecorating (and let's be honest, I'm always redecorating), even hardware like knobs, handlebars, and switch plates are huge decor decisions for me...which is why Forbes & Lomax might as well be my spirit brand. Famous for their invisible light switch, they design the most beautiful super simple, minimalist decor. How amazing does the wallpaper under the light switch look in the photo below? It's something so simple, but looks amazing!

Even their button plates like this one below. Give me one, please. You don't think my landlord would mind right? I definitely wouldn't be leaving them behind when I move out :)

Case in point: these are the prettiest light switch plates I've ever seen, which, really, doesn't have many competitors. Check and mate. Are any of y'all this detail focused? I can't get enough of brands that are too! Anthropologie is great for unique, little hardware also.

images via Forbes & Lomax

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