obsess 5.29

Thursday, May 29, 2014

I bought this perfect gold spray paint a few weeks ago and I'm now obsessed with gilt oversized photo frames. Give them to me or let me DIY them all!

This perforated crossbody is definitely my type. I get googly eyes over perforated anything these days!

These shorts because Jesus, have you seen them? (and they're 30% off!)

I was never a hat person, and then I saw so many people look laid back and cool in this type of hat, and now I want to look laid back and cool. #peerpressure

After going to the The 1975 concert a few weeks ago I've been having withdrawals, so I bought this limited edition clear record on Ebay. I don't have a record player, but I was so happy when it showed up on my front step that I couldn't stop laughing for ten minutes. #logic

Frozen yogurt season is upon us and I couldn't be more stoked!

I've been noticing fun colored doors in magazines and around Columbia, and I'm wondering how much of my deposit my landlord would keep if I just painted our door...

Loren Hope, this necklace makes you the best. Lahve.

What have y'all been obsessed with lately?

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  1. THOSE SHORTS!!!! Absolute perfection for summer. Love this entire round up!