June goals

Monday, June 9, 2014

So...it's been a minute! After a month of go, go, go it's nice to finally have a bit of normalcy around here now that I'm back from vacation. I'm still job hunting, and life can change at any minute, but I'm enjoying finally being home (even after beach time), and getting back into my routine.

So speaking of routine, I know it's late, but I'm catching back up with my monthly goals! After not doing any for May, since I knew that month would be insane and I wouldn't be able to reach any goals, even if I tried, let's get to June, shall we?

Of my April goals...

  1. FINALLY finish my online finance class!  I finished, with absolutely no time to spare! :)
  2. Pick out my graduation outfit (ahhh!) Did that, but picked out a last minute dress the day before graduation.
  3. Apply to more jobs and become more calm about the application process Applied to more jobs, but I'm not sure if I'll ever be calm about applying to cool companies. Anyone want to hire me?!
  4. Stave off pre-graduation freak outs and know that everything will work out like it should For the most part, that actually happened! I've been enjoying life post-grad, though I have a feeling that my mood is more related to travels and summertime.
  5. Get back on the scheduling blog posts train - I used to be so good about it! This one just straight up didn't happen. Oops.
  6. Start my last finals week ever (HALLELUJAH), study hard, and sleep well Everything was stressful, but everything ended up okay. Whew!
  7. Add some more summer clothes into my wardrobe, and everything must be under budget! Still doing that... :)

So for the most part, I finished off my April goals pretty well! April and May were great months for me, and I'm hoping that June will be just as kind.

  1. Start a Meatless Monday habit, with new recipes and more healthy foods.
  2. Read two books, and long magazine articles don't count!
  3. Join the gym and get back on a regular running schedule.
  4. Try an all cash system for one week. No using credit or debit cards!
  5. Create an organized system for job applications.
  6. Get to sleep by 12:30 am every weeknight, 1:00 am on weekends. (This will be so difficult!)
  7. Buy a new pair of denim cutoffs - my old faithfuls finally kicked the bucket.

Do you have any goals for June? Anything you'd like to get done? I'm all ears!

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