New business cards by Moo!

Monday, June 30, 2014

When my friend Lanie from Classically Current asked me about bringing business cards to the Smart Girls Summit (only about a week away - eek!) I had a mini freak out. Of course I needed to bring business cards! Why had I not thought about it ahead of time? I designed business cards for myself about a year ago, but never really got around to getting them printed. Maybe it was school or work or life, but nothing ever happened.

I was so excited to try out Moo after reading about their great products, and I'm so glad I ended up choosing them! My cards came in the mail just the other day and I love them! Though there were several options to use Moo's templates, I customized my own by designing them in Illustrator. I like having a set color palette throughout my social media platforms, so I used the same colors on my business cards too! I also chose the luxe paper option, so the paper is super thick.

For now the cards only have my name, blog URL, email, and social media handles. I considered adding my phone number, but wanted to keep everything simple. And honestly, if I can avoid getting random phone calls (and not texts), I definitely will.

There were tons of options for how many cards you can order, if you want painted edges, rounded corners, or thinner paper, but I'm so happy how these turned out! I'm also definitely thinking about ordering more, since Moo also makes stickers, letterhead, cards, and notecards!

Have you used Moo before?


  1. Those are such cute business cards! I definitely need to get some!

    -xx Tay

    1. Thanks so much! I definitely wish I had gotten mine sooner. They're great for deciding on your personal branding!