Sunday, June 29, 2014

This video has going around the internet (it's already gotten over 5 million views!), but I hadn't seen it until last night, and I. was. moved. The video brings up how easy it is to assume that little sayings like doing something "like a girl" is harmless, especially if you're someone, like most people I know, who think that women can do things, anything, just as easily or well as men can.

But that's not true.

Like the #YesAllWomen movement earlier this month, Always is pointing the mirror back at society, both men and women, to show how detrimental even the seemingly smallest "insults" can be.

I teared up while watching this video like a girl. I wrote this post like a girl. And I'll keep spreading the words of these awesome movements so that someday this seemingly minuscule put downs of the female population fade...#likeagirl.

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