The Park Cafe | Charleston, SC

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Being in Charleston this week with Lanie has given me a chance to actually explore the parts of the city I had never seen before. To be honest, I'm a creature of habit. If I find an area of town that I like, I stick close. If I find a favorite restaurant, I'm there, and I don't branch out. I keep joking that Lanie's been the best restaurant guide I could ever find, and she definitely lived up to her title when we ventured out to the Park Cafe yesterday to have a lunch date with Annie Reeves!

First off, I couldn't stop staring at these light fixtures! They're so simple but so cool. I kept picturing them above a super trendy kitchen bar. Preferably my own...

The Park Cafe's menu is small, relatively, but everything was healthy and looked/sounded so delicious! While we chatted blog shop, college, and everything in between I ended up getting the fried egg and avocado sandwich with a seasonal side (watermelon - THE best), and I couldn't recommend it more! One word of warning: it gets insanely messy. During lunch I was constantly rearranging the sandwich's contents and wiping avocado off my fingers, but boy was it worth it. I'd never had a fried egg before - blasphemy, I know! - and I can't wait for my next. Lanie and Annie had shredded kale that looked amazing as well. Check out the menu, here!

Lanie likes to pretend like she doesn't always look gorgeous, but here she is...doing it again. Cotton stripe drop-waist dress and a gigantic bun. Ugh.

In one corner of the restaurant there are two walls completely covered with potted green plants. It reminded me a lot of the Anthropologie on Regent Street in London! All the sunshine coming into the space and the plants made me feel like I was eating outside...with A/C. A definite bonus.

Though it looks like we were the only ones there, the place was packed when we first got in! We were there a little after the lunch crowd, and we worried that we wouldn't be able to find a spot, but the place is surprisingly big.

If I lived in Charleston I would be here 24/7. How long until I can head down to the coast full-time?

Anyone have more Charleston recommendations? We are making a point to stop by Jeni's tomorrow, and I can't wait to share the photos - it's unlike any other ice cream shop I've ever been to. I'll be sure to update y'all on my review!


  1. Well - I too am a creature of habit! We always ALWAYS go to Hyman's - but should probably branch out some!

    1. It's hard to say no to all those free hush puppies at Hyman's! Love the little shop next door too :) I recently picked up the lemongrass salt scrub and it's beyond perfect!

  2. I'm SO jealous! Charleston is always a good time and so charming!

    1. I'm very very lucky it's so close. My friend and I have been scheming to move here soon if timing is on our side!