101 in 1001 update, pt 2

Monday, December 9, 2013

I know it's been forever since I posted this for the first time (I had just gotten back to the US from London!), but I've made tons of progress on my 101 in 100 list! Three weeks ago I said that I would update y'all on what I've been up to... so...what have I done over the past 6 months?

Start date: Monday, June 10, 2012
End date: Monday, March 7, 2016

Completed: 18
In progress: 4
To-do: 78
  1. Come up with 101 things (June 2013)
  2. Move into my first apartment or house (August 2013)
  3. Go back to London in any capacity, to move or just for a visit
  4. Graduate from USC with a bachelor's degree in marketing
  5. Buy my first big girl piece of art
  6. Visit 5 new states
  7. Visit 2 new countries
  8. Visit 10 new cities (in progress - Savannah, GA August 2013)
  9. Get a professional redesign of the blog (October 2013)
  10. Go to an Avett Brothers concert
  11. Find my perfect shade of lipstick
  12. Print out and make a photo album of all of my photos from studying abroad in London
  13. Take a cooking class
  14. Create a full family tree as far back as I can go
  15. Publish an outfit post
  16. Participate in the annual Dance Marathon at USC
  17. Help mom re-do the kitchen however she decides
  18. Buy my domain name for this blog (September 2013)
  19. Pay off my student loans
  20. Get a tattoo
  21. Work for an awesome company that inspires me professionally and creatively (August 2013)
  22. Learn how to play the banjo
  23. Get published online by one of my favorite online magazines
  24. Visit my grandparents by myself, just because (August 2013)
  25. Attend a blogging conference
  26. Buy a better DSLR camera lens and learn to use it with ease
  27. Go to a Macklemore concert (November 2013)
  28. Visit Nashville
  29. Run the Color Run
  30. Run a 5k
  31. Run a 10k
  32. Run a half marathon
  33. Go one month without any sodas
  34. Subscribe to all the magazines I spend too much money on anyway (August 2013)
  35. Become proficient in French...again
  36. Read 5 books from the Rory Gilmore Reading Challenge
  37. Bite the bullet and get a J. Crew card
  38. Refurb my old chest of drawers from my great-grandma
  39. Make 5 recipes from Gwyneth Paltrow's cookbook
  40. Invest in a classic purse
  41. Learn what kind of makeup actually works best for my face
  42. Take a road trip through New England
  43. Create an organized system and display for my nail polish collection
  44. Learn how to drive a boat from one of the men in my family
  45. Partner with a brand on the blog
  46. Get my hair colored professionally
  47. Take an online calligraphy class (close enough! My sister bought me a calligraphy set that I've been practicing on, July 2013)
  48. Buy my mom the nice, quality wallet she deserves
  49. Watch the Carolina Gamecocks beat the Clemson Tigers at Williams Brice Stadium! (November 2013)
  50. Go to a James Taylor concert
  51. Make 10 recipes from Pinterest ( in progress! 3/10)
  52. Memorize 10 go-to songs to play on my guitar when my family asks me to play
  53. Go to/host an ugly Christmas sweater party
  54. Ride a jet ski
  55. Attend a Spoleto festival in Charleston
  56. Find a "grown up" daily/monthly planner that still fits my personality
  57. Take a trip to New York City
  58. Record the songs my mom and I have sung together with family for years
  59. Get my first massage
  60. Learn how to style warmer weather scarves without feeling like I'm doing it wrong
  61. Write down the family recipes I want to use and organize them into a system (June 2013)
  62. Invest in a pair of Frye boots
  63. Take a pilates class
  64. Take a spin class
  65. Learn how to skateboard
  66. Invest in a cute camera bag (September 2013)
  67. Learn how to best cook/fry/bake fish
  68. Pet a horse (August 2013)
  69. Go 24 hours completely unplugged, i.e. no iPhone, iPad, internet, or anything virtual
  70. Get dressed up and go to a real New Years Eve party
  71. Find my "signature drink"
  72. Find my "signature scent"
  73. Attend a Fashion Week show
  74. Paint a cooler for a boy, a southern tradition for y'all northern folk
  75. Visit one of the large plantations in Charleston, i.e. Lowndes, Boone Hall, Magnolia, Middleton, etc. (Visited Boone Hall, October 2013)
  76. Get professional, or at least professional-grade, photos of me to use on the blog, for headshots, etc.
  77. Purchase the calligraphy fonts I've wanted forever (September 2013)
  78. Take a photo with Cocky, the USC mascot
  79. Suck it up and buy an iPad
  80. Watch 10 classic movies I've never seen (in progress! 1/10 : Love Actually)
  81. Wake up early to watch a meteor shower
  82. Take my sister on a trip for just the two of us
  83. Save up a nice little savings account that I'm NOT allowed to touch
  84. Rescue a pup!
  85. Create a detailed budget and stick to it for three months
  86. Donate blood without passing out
  87. Go to the Camden Cup in 2014
  88. Create and hang my own piece of art
  89. Buy a set of pretty pajamas
  90. Create an organized system for my finances...and make one for my mama too
  91. Take my mom to a place that makes a good whiskey sour (here, July 2013)
  92. Complete 5 DIY projects I've pinned on Pinterest (in progress! 1/5)
  93. Design and purchase nice business cards (in progress! designed - now to find printer)
  94. Go kayaking (June 2013)
  95. Learn how to knit
  96. Read 5 Jodi Picoult books I haven't read yet
  97. Attend 15 concerts (in progress, 1/15 : Passenger August 2013, Macklemore November 2013)
  98. Own everything in the Everygirl Fashion Essentials Handbook
  99. Go to Merlefest
  100. Buy a new to me car or move to a big city where I won't need one
  101. Put $10 into savings for every goal accomplished
I've already posted about my new apartment, which I've come to adore now! I haven't been able to decorate quite like I want to, but I'm deciding to see it as a constant goal instead of a task that needs to get done. I also made a little cook book just for family recipes with the cutest turquoise Martha Stewart notebook! As for an investment camera bag, I wouldn't call my newest addition an "investment," but it is the perfect size and look for what I need, and Target has definitely impressed me. My birthday dream came true in August when I pet a horse (squeals), and I found out I'm definitely a whiskey girl after treating my mom to a whiskey sour on my birthday! In October I visited Boone Hall, which was beautiful, and November was huge for me, as I got to see Macklemore in Raleigh AND see Carolina beat Clemson last weekend!

I'm so excited to work towards #96, #70, and #51 over Christmas break! Do any of y'all have 1001 in 101 lists? I definitely want to see!

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